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2020-2021 – What a year!

| by von der Lühe | (comments: 0)

We miss beautiful Schloss Pütnitz so much! As some of you know, my husband Nik and I acquired and renovated Schloss Puetnitz some years ago now. Please visit our webpage www.schloss-puetnitz.de and click on the Rekonstruktion/reconstruction tab to see our journey. We usually visit Schloss Pütnitz several times a year – but with Covid 19 all that has changed.

Our last visit together was in March 2020 - That’s around 16 months ago. Nik was luckily able to fly in for a week in September last year, before all the winter lock downs started back up. Even though it was too early to plant out the seeds in the vegetable garden in March 2020, we still did so. We couldn’t believe the result – and had a good chuckle over the photos that our staff sent us. Literally everything germinated and grew and was available for our summer guests to enjoy!

We were very lucky that the summer season of 2020 went ahead and our regular and new guests were able to get away for a break; but we all know what came next. Most countries in Europe experienced a second wave of the virus and went into various lockdowns – and rightly so. But the very long Winter of 2020-2021 was a very tough time for everyone, including our families – Nik’s parents and 2 brothers live in Germany, and my family live in England.

Here in Hong Kong we haven’t had many cases of Covid 19 in general, but that is mostly due to the extensive screening, and quarantining that we have here. However, because in Asia generally they are very cautious, we were unable to visit our families or Schloss Puetnitz, because of the strict 3 weeks hotel quarantine upon our return. Of course, like most of Europe and America, we are now fully vaccinated and are hopeful for a new adventure soon.

On June 4th 2021 as the cases dropped and vaccinations accelerated, the German government allowed things to open and along with it, after a good spring clean, so did Schloss Pütnitz. We are fully booked for the whole summer through to the end of August – but don’t despair as there are still a few days here and there to be found, so please check out our booking calendar! After a glorious summer comes Wedding Season at Schloss Puetnitz. We can host smaller weddings in our Kamin Room, or larger parties can hire our Gutshaus kitchen and The Ballroom for traditional banquet style weddings! We have weekend weddings throughout September and October, and celebrations leading into Christmas and new year 2021. We feel so happy for our guests that have waited months or years for their dream day, and we feel blessed that our loyal guests have supported us throughout this pandemic!

Of course, with the latest new variant, the future is unknown. We have to try to enjoy every day of our lives – rain or shine, inside or out, come what may. If the stars align, Nik and I can make our way over to visit our beloved second home some time this summer.... maybe we will see some of you there!

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