The meadows surrounding the rivers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Insider tip for canoe-enthusiasts and nature lovers

In the heart of Mecklenburg Vorpommern and surrounded by numerous nature reserves , there is an untouched natural paradise: the Warbel-Recknitz region - the Auenland.( the meadowland )

Away from the broad stream of tourists and yet so close in the hinterland of the Baltic Sea coast, for example in the city triangle of Laage-Gnoien-Ribnitz-Damgarten, which is traversed by the wide Recknitz valley, a region that entices with a variety of trails that are still little known: the "Auenland "Wärbel-Recknitz region, which attracts day trip tourists and vacationers.
The Recknitz, which soothes with its sereneness , which attracts with its originality and its beauty, what we in Germany call (Wasserwanderer - water gypsies) who cant get enough of her.This river is the "border river" between the states of Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania, She is navigable over a length of 55 kilometers.

Day trips are often undertaken from Bad Sülze via Marlow, Pantlitz and Daskow to Damgarten, where the Recknitz flows into the Ribnitzer Bodden. A nice change is offered by tours through the small towns of Laage and Tessin on the Recknitz, the spa town of Bad Sülze and Marlow, which is known for its bird park. Not to forget, of course, the " amber town " of Ribnitz-Damgarten, which lies like a gateway in front of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst holiday peninsula.

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