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Leisure activities in and around Schloss Pütnitz

Discover the countryside around the area of Ribnitz-Damgarten

Tour Northern Lights

This tour lures you into a historical cultural landscape, the structure of which was shaped by by aristocratic estate management. This historical structure is still quite obvious today.

Tour1 as a pdf file (de)

Urlaub mit dem Fahrrad in Ribnitz-Damgarten

Tour In the forest

Gleaming sunlight, oppressive heat - do you long for shady trees on a day like this? Discover charming hiking trails in the forests of the Warbel-Recknitz valley

Tour6 as a pdf file (de)

Leisure activities near the castle

  • Canoeing and SUP 50 m
  • Sailing 3 km
  • Hiking 50 m
  • Water skiing / wakeboarding 5 km
  • Cycling 50 m
  • Swimming 11 km
    Dierhagen Baltic Sea
  • Horseback riding nearby
  • Fishing 50 m

Approximate distance to bike path, hiking trail, canoe rental, water ski park etc..

Kanufahren auf der Recknitz direkt ab Schloss